For Users who received a “notice” from YouTube

We are NexTone, a company that operates a music copyright society. Currently, JASRAC and NexTone are the primary music copyright societies in Japan.

The “notice” you received is an automated message from YouTube that is sent to the uploader when a musical work registered with NexTone is identified in an uploaded video; however it is not a claim of copyright infringement. Please be assured that you will not have to delete or privatize your video.

Also, as per our announcement, if your video contains a musical work or multiple works registered to NexTone there is no need for a separate application, however if you believe that you are using music not registered with NexTone, please kindly file a counter notification under YouTube's guidelines.

Furthermore, videos that were previously without ads will appear with ads from now on. A portion of such ad revenue will be paid out as royalties to each applicable copyright owner (music publisher, writer, composer), and will lead to and encourage the creation of new musical works.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.


NexTone Inc.


Below are questions that we frequently receive:

Q1. Why are you claiming the rights when I'm using JASRAC songs?

If you search a song on JASRAC's Works Information Database Search (J-WID) you will find an entry titled “Digital Distribution” under the “registration status” column. An “x” in this field indicates that JASRAC does not administer the online distribution rights for that particular work.
By contrast, if the “Digital Distribution (配)” mark is labeled in blue on NexTone's registered works database search, it indicates that the digital distribution rights for that particular work is administered by NexTone.

Q2. I'm not using any music from CDs so there shouldn't be any problems right?

Copyright is a legal right that's granted to the writers/composers.
Using music in CD/videograms requires a license, but other usages such as online distribution/public performance/sheet music/karaoke/rentals also require the relevant approvals and licenses from the registered music copyright society (or directly from the copyright owner if the music is not registered with a society).
Therefore, even if your video does not actually use the sound recordings from a CD (i.e. songs performed live), as long as the music is used in some format, you are exploiting a copyrighted work.
Also, in order to use sound recordings from CDs, you will need to request a master license in addition to the copyright license. Master license rights are prominently controlled by entities that create or commission audio recordings such as record labels.