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NexTone Inc.

「Chosen by rights holders, trusted by users」


Established in 2000 upon the enforcement of the Japanese copyright management law and re-established in February 2016 as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc., NexTone continues to strive towards providing solutions for rights holders through the offering of flexible copyright management and licensing, transparent operations and processing, and equitable royalty distribution.

Optimizing the combined knowledge and experience of both companies, we aim to open new possibilities for rights holders by exploring alternative solutions in the face of a dynamically changing landscape, and establishing NexTone as a copyright management organization that is “chosen by rights holders and trusted by users”.

Fair and Flexible Management
Through the eyes of our rights holders, we are committed to negotiating fair and competitive rates and accommodating the needs of our rights holders in the digital age. We also aim to offer increased promotional opportunities through flexible copyright management.
Accurate and Detailed Reporting
Our royalty statements include names of servicers, units, rates, as well as sales data relating to where, when and how our rights holders’ works were used, offering deeper insight for rights holders to develop efficient marketing strategies.
Maximizing Royalty Income
collection, processing, and distribution services. By setting low administration rates, we aim to maximize royalty income for our rights holders.
Full Support
We also provide full consulting support for our rights holders in other areas of their business on a day-to-day basis.
20F Ebisu Prime Square Tower, 1-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 JAPAN
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September, 2000 (corporate name changed to NexTone Inc. as of February, 2016)
819 million yen
President & CEO
Masahiro Anan
President & COO
Yuji Arakawa
Senior Vice President
Teiji Nagoshi
Senior Vice President
Shouji Matsumura
Nobuhiko Takahashi
Yoshiro Masumoto
Shunji Sato
Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Toshifumi Oshima

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  • NexTone Systems Inc.
  • MCJP Inc.