To those who have received a copyright claim from YouTube

We are NexTone Inc., a company that operates a music copyright society specializing in copyright administration and digital distribution services. One of our functions is to administer sound recording rights on the YouTube platform.

Please refer to the following website in regards to NexTone’s digital distribution and administration services on the YouTube platform.


The notice you received is an automated message from YouTube that is sent to the uploader when a sound recording or multiple sound recordings administered by NexTone is/are identified in an uploaded video.

We have filed a copyright claim, but please note that you are not required to take any action, such as deleting the video or setting it to private mode. Videos that were previously without ads will appear with ads from now on. A portion of such ad revenue will be paid out as royalties to each applicable rights holder (artist, sound recording owner), and will lead to and encourage the creation of new musical works.

If you believe you are not using any sound recordings administered by NexTone, please kindly file your counter notification in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

NexTone Inc.


I’m using an instrumental track. What’s the problem?

If you are using a sound recording from a CD or digital service, whether you’re using a version with or without vocals, you are exploiting a copyrighted sound recording. YouTube may falsely detect and automatically file a claim against music that was created by you, in which case please kindly file your counter notification in accordance with YouTube’s guidelines.

I’m mixing multiple tracks. What’s the problem?

Even if you mix and/or modify the recordings, you are still exploiting a copyrighted sound recording. Since it is YouTube’s responsibility to pay the relevant usage fees, the video uploader is not required to apply for usage or pay the associated usage fees.

I’ve received two claims from NexTone Inc. Why?

NexTone manages and administers both sound recording rights and music copyrights (lyrics and compositions). For certain works, we control both the sound recording rights and music copyright, and thus if you use any works where this is the case, you may receive claims for both the sound recording right and the music copyright.