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Management Philosophy Chosen by rights holders,
trusted by users

President & CEO Masahiro Anan

We meet the needs of both rights holders and
users, unconstrained by conventional rules.

President & CEO Masahiro Anan

Over a year has passed since NexTone Inc. was listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers on March 30, 2020. I would like to express my sincere appreciation once more to our shareholders and all our stakeholders for their ongoing support. That support has allowed NexTone to continue its growth at a faster pace than expected, as evidenced by the upgrading of our business performance forecasts for the previous fiscal year (fiscal year ended March 31, 2021). We have been making steady progress on our growth strategy by commencing the overseas copyright management, which has been one of our long-term goals, this fiscal year (fiscal year ending March 31, 2022), and with our plans for next fiscal year (fiscal year ending March 31, 2023) to make some inroads into the performing rights management, another area we have long hoped to enter. While responding to our shareholders’ expectations and continuing to grow, over the medium term, our aim is to shift toward prime markets in new market categories. We will work vigorously in our business with our utmost strength, so that we may be of service to the music industry, which is in a predicament during the COVID-19 pandemic. I hope you will continue to give us your support.


To our stakeholders Aiming to become a copyright agent who
plays the sound of the next generation.

President & COO Yuji Arakawa

Reliability, transparency, flexibility, speed, technological ability…
We aim to enhance our all-around capabilities so we can become the one and only company in the next generation.

President & COO Yuji Arakawa

The digital transformation (DX) trend is accelerating in all areas but is particularly conspicuous in the music industry. Digital technologies have become indispensable to the ways in which new music is released and to the ways in which people listen to music (music is listened to by people). As a result, the Japanese music industry is expanding rapidly to a global scale. We have agreements with IMPEL to enable the prompt and appropriate collection of music copyright licensing fees from overseas use and pursuing organic links to initiatives in various sections of the industry, such as the ArtLed movement that pays maximum respect to artists’ wishes. In these ways, instead of merely riding the wave of DX, we are addressing it in our daily operations with the intention of leading the DX change ourselves in the management business of copyright, etc. and in the support of artists’ activities. To realize the intentions behind our company name of “playing the ‘Next Tone,’ the sound of the next generation” and “aiming to be the ‘Next One,’ the one and only company in the business of the next generation,” we will leverage our innovative ideas and flexibility to build a copyright management business for a new era.


About us

NexTone Inc.

Chosen by rights holders, trusted by users


Established in 2000 upon the enforcement of the Japanese copyright management law and re-established in February 2016 as a joint venture between e-License Inc. and Japan Rights Clearance Inc., NexTone continues to strive towards providing solutions for rights holders through the offering of flexible copyright management and licensing, transparent operations and processing, and equitable royalty distribution. Optimizing the combined knowledge and experience of both companies, we aim to open new possibilities for rights holders by exploring alternative solutions in the face of a dynamically changing landscape, and establishing NexTone as a copyright management organization that is “chosen by rights holders and trusted by users”.


Utilizing the speed and flexible business structure of private-sector companies, we are setting up new management rules adapted to the era we live in, while also ascertaining rights holders’ needs and market trends. In addition, we are making more opportunities to promote works through flexible operations that respond to circumstances.


We have developed a digital distribution business, marketing & promotion business, music publisher business-agency service, and system development business, offering a wide variety of support for all parties involved in the music business, including music publishers, artists and management.


We value transparency. As such, we disclose to rights holders detailed data on when, where, how and by whom their works were used. We make users, services, volumes, and royalties clear to see, so their associated data can also be used for marketing purposes.

Only One

We are the industry’s leading copyright agent. We use our highly professional knowledge and expertise accumulated mainly through our copyright management business, going beyond the bounds of management services and offering total support to all parties in the music business.

20F Ebisu Prime Square Tower, 1-1-39 Hiroo, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0012 JAPAN
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September, 2000 (corporate name changed to NexTone Inc. as of February, 2016)
1,152,882,000 yen
President & CEO
Masahiro Anan
President & COO
Yuji Arakawa
Senior Managing Director
Teiji Nagoshi
Nobuhiko Takahashi
Yuko Abe
Yoshio Hirabayashi
Yoshiro Masumoto
Nobuyuki Kobayashi
Toshifumi Oshima

* The Company has designated Mr. Yoshiro Masumoto, Ms. Yuko Abe and Mr. Toshifumi Oshima as Independent Officers as set forth by Tokyo Stock Exchange, Inc.

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